Wild Country Mission Women’s Harness Review

Wild Country has been busy revamping their line of harness this year. We tested the Mission Women’s harness this Spring and Summer, read on to see what our testers think.

Wild Country Mission Womens Harness


Wild Country has both a Men’s and Women’s version of the Mission harness. It appears that Wild Country set out to make the Mission harnesses their do-it-all harness. The leg loops have fully adjustable buckles. The waist has the standard single buckle along with two gear loops on each side, a rear gear loop, and ice clipper spots on each side, between the gear loops. The waist is a wide belt made of thin woven nylon strips, with a piece of webbing running through the middle to provide the main support. The waist belt is different than most everything on the market and looks pretty cool with the woven aqua green and blue material offset with bright orange accents. The leg loop tie in point is really stiff and beefy, making you feel very safe and secure when tied in.


Our female gear testers are happy that companies are now making things that are actually designed with a female in mind and not just making the size ranges smaller and changing the color palette. The waist is designed to ride a little higher and conform better to the waist and hips of a woman. The leg loops also have a little extra length in them so that the can accommodate the extra distance between the waist and legs. Additionally the waist/leg ratio has been adjusted to offer more flexibility than male harnesses so that a female climber can get things dialed in. All of these design features mean that this is a very comfortable harness to wear for extended periods. Our testers mentioned that it was very comfortable to hang in when working routes or the periodic hanging belay. The wide leg loops were especially noted to add to the comfort. The light weight and packability of the Mission harness were also high points with our testers. Trad routes can often test the limits of gravity on a harness and having a harness that doesn’t add much to the total weight of a trad rack is a very nice feature.  The gear loops stick out a nice amount. Not so much that they are ridiculous, but getting gear on and off the harness was very easy and easy to see. That can make all the difference when pumped out on a route and having to mess around finding the right size cam.

Final Say

Our testers couldn’t say enough good things about the Wild Country Mission Women’s harness. They praised the light weight and comfortable shape. The performance and features for trad climbing, having easy access to lots of gear loops, is a huge plus. And lastly, not to pigeon hole them because they are women, they thought the colors and design looked really good. A quick scan of prices on the internet show it to be about $95 at most places. We found sizing to be spot on with the Wild Country size chart.

More information at wildcountry.com

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