Five Ten Anasazi Blanco Climbing Shoe

Five Ten is constantly coming out with new styles and updating the old ones you love. The Five Ten Anasazi Blanco is the latest model to get updated.

Five Ten Anasazi Blanco

Anasazi Blanco Design

The new Five Ten Anasazi Blanco is looks much the same as the original did. It is made of a white (blanco) synthetic material that Five Ten will be outfitting a number of their shoes with. It has a very similar feel to leather, but as with any synthetic material there isn’t really any stretch. To add to the comfort the shoe is lined. The last is very slightly asymmetric. Laces were chosen to give a tight, but custom fit. The VERY tight heel rand ensures that your toes are pushed to the front to maximize the edging power. 4mm of Five Ten Stealth C4 rubber wrap the shoe from heel to toe, including the rand.


Our testers are split on synthetic vs leather. The pros for synthetic are that it keeps its shape, the fit you get in the store is the fit you get after 30 pitches. No animal products are used and no dye’s are used so there is a benefit to the environment. The Five Ten Anasazi Blanco tics all these boxes. The big design emphasis for the Blanco is the edging power, and secondarily performance in pockets. The sole is probably the stiffest, except for maybe the Quantum, in the Five Ten climbing shoe line. The Stealth C4 rubber, coupled with a thermoplastic mid-sole, and the powerful heel rand keeping the pressure on your toes constant all combine to make one of the best edging shoes that any of our testers have used. The design keeps the rubber from deforming and sliding off minuscule edges and keeps you heading upward on your project. We have a lot of quartzite and limestone in the two crags near our office. The Anasazi Blanco performs exceptionally well in these conditions. Tiny edges, little divots, and pockets abound here and we are all very happy with the consistent performance that the Blancos delivered. It makes it a lot easier to climb a tough route when you know you can trust your foot to finally stick that one little edge that you need to make it to the next hold.

The Five Ten Anasazi Blanco also performed well on a lot of our boulder projects that required precise footwork on terrible holds. We did some testing on some slabby sport routes and the Blanco performed pretty well, but a shoe with a softer sole would likely do better at maximizing the grip area on smears. Although the heel is quite baggy because of the high tension rand we didn’t have any problems with it on heel hooks and sometimes the extra room seemed to help smear a bit on slopey holds.

Final Say

If you’re looking for a shoe that won’t let you down and won’t pop off the wee nubins on your project definitely give the Five Ten Anasazi Blanco a look. If softer soled shoes are your thing then look elsewhere like the Five Ten Anasazi VCS.

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