Evolv Maverick Crash Pad

Evolv Maverick Crash Pad

It seems like someone is always coming out with a new bouldering crash pad. We’ve been crashing on the new Evolv Maverick Crash Pad all Spring.

For starters it looks really cool. Most pads are dark black, or muted red, the bright orange and green really stick out and get a lot of comments. It is clear that the features on this pad are well thought out by people that actually use it. The backpack straps comfortably carry the 12 lb. pad, but also convert to a single across the chest strap if you’d rather carry that way. The pouch/closure system is really beefy and big. Very easy to fit a couple pairs of shoes, chalk, guide book and beverage in there.

The pad, when open is 40″ x 48″, and folds in half to 24″ x 48″. The corners all have thick rubber corners so you don’t wear them out when dragging the pad around. A couple strips of rough carpet are attached in one corner, perfect for cleaning shoes before the next burn on your project. Testers all said the pad had a good combination of stiff foam for taking impact and enough soft foam for making bad landings easy on the body. The pad is 4″ thick and made of dual density foam and folds up semi-taco style. The top layer of foam is continual across the whole face, but the rest is divided. This is a great compromise between the true taco style fold and the regular divided sections of other pads. Once open there are straps to keep the bottom section from opening up the gap and allowing rocks and sticks to poke through to your landing zone. Durable handles on each side to make it easier to move the pad from route to route or to just keep it under your buddy while he’s climbing.

The Evolv Maverick Crash Pad is really a great medium/large size pad. Perfect for keeping weight down on long bushwhacking approaches. The features are all things we’ve wished for or appreciated on other pads. And Evolv has added in their own great design features like the colors, gear pocket, and folding design. At the downright reasonable price of $195 this may be the perfect crash pad…


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