ClimbingReport.com is a resource for climbers. We can’t all be fully sponsored climbers with an endless supply of gear and paid-for-trips. We started ClimbingReport for the every-day guy (or gal) that sits in a cubicle and can’t wait for the evening or weekend to get out in the craggy mountains.

Our main focus is on gear testing. Just our luck that we have one heck of a lab to test the gear: Wasatch and Uinta mountains, Moab, Indian Creek, and Provo Canyon ice; all within a short drive. Of course trips to the Cascades, Ouray, Tetons and Yosemite get thrown in on a regular basis. Notable trip reports and musings on things relating to climbing get included here and there.

We hope we can help you get the info you need to buy the gear that will help serve you on your own adventures. Any day spent in the mountains is a good day.

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